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Value of teachers in modern education: can technology replace teachers?

Today, people can’t think about the world without the presence of technologies. We can see the presence of technologies in everywhere. Modern classroom is the best example of the improvement of technologies. There are lots of differences in the method of education compare to traditional method. A modern class room is made with advancement of technologies. Today teachers are forced to implement technologies in classroom for effective learning process. By using these technologies in to classrooms, both teachers and students get lots of advantages. But still a doubt exists in our mind as can technology replace teacher in modern classrooms? And what is the value of teacher in modern education? Without any doubt we can say that no technology can replay the value of teachers in classrooms.

We know that online courses are frequent in these days. It is one of the best results of the improvement in technologies. Today we can get anything at the tips of our finger only with a simple mouse click. We can study any courses or any degree without going to anywhere. Improvements in technologies help to get anything near to us. Now people can decide when they want to study and the way they want to study also. Today a classroom filled with full of technical aspects such as smart board, smart books, projector, visual learning method etc. Then usually we think that what the role of teachers in modern classrooms. But we should try to understand that the use of technologies in modern class room never diminish the role of a perfect teacher. Today most of the teachers are interested by the technology that helps to improve the way of teaching and the way of understanding. Hence they use those kinds of technologies to their learning purpose to improve the learning process. At the same time they concerned by these development and doubt, whether all these new technologies replace their role in teaching field. But the fact is that, no technologies can replace the role of a great teacher and does not lessen the necessity of their presence. But they can use the benefits of technologies to improve their learning and lessen their effort.

We can’t say that a teacher is only a facilitator; they have more value than a simple facilitator. Technologies can influence in students only by the great involvement of teachers. Without the presence of great teacher, technology simply became an automated tool. They can’t inspire students without the presence of teachers. So it is all about that, it is impossible to replace a teacher by technologies. We know that how advance and smart today’s technologies are, even though it can never replace the role of teacher in case of knowledge and their experiences. Researches prove that no technologies can replace the role of a great teacher in anyway. A teacher not only impart knowledge and information to students, but they also love, care, motivate, inspire, guide and monitor their students. They are the best example or role model for students to get success in life. A best teacher always motivates their students and helps them to choose the right path to achieve their dream goal. No technologies can break the strong bond between students and their teacher. This is one of the magical bonds that exist in this world. We will never get these qualities and benefits from the virtual learning.

In today’s world, we can see the changes in everywhere; in field of education books are replaced by tablet or e books, black board are replaced by projectors etc. So it is important that, we also ready to accept or move along with these changes. So teachers have to update with the changes according to today’s trend. Implement all the new facilities in the classrooms and make the learning as an effective one. Today lots of educational apps are available in internet which helps to make learning easier and faster. So a teacher should ready to accept all the changes in the educational field.

Today we can’t think about anything without the presence of technology. Even though, a teacher should come out of all these technologies to understand each and every student deeply. Technology plays an important role to enhance the facility of teaching and learning in today’s world. Technological improvement in educational field is beneficial for both educator and student. It simplifies the teaching difficulties of educators and learning difficulties of students. But these new technologies can’t encourage students alone without the presence of a great teacher. It means that no technology can replace the role of teacher. That is technology is assisting students in their entire learning process only with the presence of a teacher. But it has no power to replace the role of a teacher anyway. No technology can implement human interaction and also they can replace the human skill. Even though, it is important that all the teachers should aware about all the new technologies that help to improve teaching and learning facilities. We should ready to accept the changes according to the invention of new technologies. We can create a best educational atmosphere with the presence of a good teacher along with the advancement of technologies.

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